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You’ve been charged with a crime. You are not a criminal. But whether or not you actually broke the law, you are in grave danger if you do not hire the best lawyer possible. With so many Criminal defense attorneys out there, how do you decide which is the best criminal lawyer for you? If you are fortunate, a friend or colleague will know of a reputable defense attorney and your friend can refer you to them. Occasionally, lawyers will learn of your misfortune, single you out, and approach you directly. Avoid those attorneys. They are breaking the rules and acting unethically. If they are willing to do that to represent you they may break other ethical rules which could jeopardize your case. You may also see some “high-profile” attorneys who always become involved in very public cases. Those may be fine attorneys, but you can expect to pay unusually high fees for their services, when a quieter and equally effective lawyer can do the job much less expensively. Another type is the lawyer who may be skilled but spends amounts of money on radio and television advertising. Those lawyers are locked into advertising budgets and must generate revenue to keep up with overhead. Obviously, when a lawyer’s focus is on her bottom-line, your defense can become lower-priority. When you finally do talk to a lawyer about your case, ask some very candid questions. Such questions may include:  How large is your caseload?  Do you charge by the hour?  What fees may be added on later in the case?  Can I contact you anytime and expect a swift response?  Have you ever been disciplined by the Utah State or other state bars?  Are you willing to go to trial if necessary? While you are discussing these important questions you will also get a feel for how comfortable you are talking to your lawyer. Both of you should be honest and candid with each other. Indeed, your lawyer should be willing to tell you up-front any problems your case may have. You would like him to be positive, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable, but also act as an “honest-broker” and true counselor. These are just a few important factors to consider when hiring a lawyer. You can be confident you will have a dedicated and determined advocate when you retain Kevin C. Sullivan as counsel. Kevin is always available for a free consultation and can meet you at your convenience. He can be reached via phone or text-messaging at 801-810-JURY (5879).

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